Monday, November 17, 2008


so i need to throw myself a mohterfuckin party cuz I got the job!!!!!

not much to say right now cuz im so happy...but im annoyed abit cuz my paerents arent as happy for me as i wish they would be. too many questions. i know they are happy but seriously questions later,lets look on the bright side. I wont be stuck folding for hours on end during the holidays!!! thats fucking amazing. if youve never worked retail during the holidays i would strongly suggest to never ever do it.
so for the next two weeks im gonna sell like a fuckin crazy person and never worry because i wont get hit with the returns later.

next OOB is business casual clothing....oh shit. this will be tough. but i plan on putting my own twist on it.

and then for the neeeeeeed of the day i have discovered: nintendo DS

i was at best buy in beaumont today and played it for like 30 minutes. i love it. i WILL be purchasing one in the next month. it was awesome.

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