Tuesday, November 25, 2008


yeah so I went there today to "shop" and tried on a good amount....at first when i came in i was ready to turn around and leave...it was a little too over whelming with too much stuff to look at. but being the natural shopper i am, i found alot of stuff and I went tried it on, and damn it all fit perfectly!!!

well i ended buying one piece. only cuz i plan on just going back next week, when i know how much i can spend, after i see how i do at work over the next few days. i guess i was just happy because i remember the first time i ever went in there with my sister. i was fat. and NOTHING fit me. it was depressing. I'm proud of myself. I think Im sorta in a good place now. theres really no explaining it, and Id like to think thats how it is when youre truly in a better place. there really isnt any negativity in my life right now. i mean i worry about things sometimes...but as far as negative people. i'm good.

tomorrow night i'm going to be celebrating my new jobdom. every day at work gets worse and worse...i now laugh at people's stupidity when before i would have just gotten pissed off. and my manager is still a moron. muahahaha. and the new guy jason is one of the worst people i have come across in a really long time. i cant wait to tell him to grow a personality on my last day. the other day he says to me, when i PAINFULLY tried to make small talk i asked him what he did last night, "uhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeahh i went to this plaaaaaaaaace its caaaaaaaaallllled bonnnnnnnnnd." (read that out loud and thats how he always talks. I'm like, "no way. i have no idea what that is." jeeezus christ. fuckin idiot.

anyways. i'm done bitching for the day.

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