Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm at work. And imbored.I think I'll be posting new blogs a whole lot more. Its so weird leaving this job cuz I really like it and usually when I leave a job I'm pretty damn estatic about it. But I'm sad, its bittersweet....because I pretty much just spend time on the computer at work now....trying to get leases for my favorite coworker wendy.

Justin gave me roses yesterday for our 1 year anniverary. I still cant believe its been this long and every time I see him, I still feel like its the first time, I still get excited like we just started dating a week ago. I guess thats what its all about or whats supposed to happen. We hung out at Agora (i will miss that place and I just started going there) and then we went to my sisters and had wedding cake to celebrate our anniverary since allison's wedding is where we met. We discussed how funny our first meeting was and how we were so scared to approach each other, or more so I was, he just doesnt usually approach girls.

tonight we are going to my favorite nice restaurant, benjy's I'm pretty excited cuz we never have gone anywhere to eat really nice. I just heard that lindsey is moving back. That's good. Def. good for melissa. But me and linz still havent mended shit out. Thats the one person I want to talk to to fix shit with is here. Sometimes I would think I dont miss her at all but I when I set my own stupid immature shit aside I totally miss her friendship. I wish we could just let go of our stupid grudges.

well thats it....I am excited for life at the moment!

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