Thursday, October 29, 2009

October Sum it Up

October was busy with great things added on to our mix in Beaumont. From the muddiest ACL in history, to Allison's baby growing super fast, to friendships getting weird (best word to describe it), to our new addition Penelope.

What I read:
Nothing!!! but thats about to change. My shit job just changed the hours for me to work later, hence 1-2 hours of nothing to do. Instead of web surfing (my online shopping is bad enough) I plan on reading as much as possible!!!

Favorite October Plans:
ACL. duh. I still havent posted photos. I will. In due time.

Music On Repeat:
White Rabbits. Check em out. rad.

Fave October Meal:
I always enjoy the EATS at acl. Specifically the Veggie Burgers. I LOVE veggie burgers.

October Changes:
Becoming a Dog Owner!

What I watched:
We saw "Zombieland" Reallt really good. Especially the surprise cast member. Movie is highly recommended.

October Mood:
I have really really enjoyed my new property position. My boss is totally awesome, and I feel very blessed with that. I am still worried about my mom's condition, which continues to get worse. There's been a lifelong friend that hasnt been speaking to me or our other mutual bestie. Its been weird. I have been a true believer of adult friendships for the past few years, and its looks like some people havent realized that with themselves.

1 comment:

Allison said...

Lifelong friend my ass!! why do you continue to shoutout to her. Who the F cares????