Friday, November 6, 2009

a day late and a......

I have forgotten to show off how awesome our halloween was. oops. Well, myself and the Justy went to Houston to kick it with family and friends of course. What else would we do? Hang in btown?? pfft. thats funny.

We started out by going to My sister's new digs for what I hope to be a annual Halloween BBQ bash. We ate my bro in laws badass ribs n brisket. Totally surreal all these couples-with kids now. Even my bestie Kelly showed up with her mini.

I also met my cousin's "love child" since I'm never around for family gatherings, this was my first time to meet her. I cant describe how much in love with her I was. She had so much personality, so smart, so cute!
My sister's daughter Kylie, has gotten so big! She's more alert, she can pretty much hold her head up, and she just chills, man. Its rad. So rad, that she lets me drink a beer while she checks out the scene. I know, I know, this is super classy.
justy and I then jetted over to Neartown, to go to Melissa's so we could get into our costumes....we were Beatniks!
Melissa's costume was probly one of the best i have seen. I say this since Melissa is usually not one for dressing up on Halloween, but Im proud of her effort this year.
Overall last weekend was pretty great. I'm just sooooo ready to get out of this town! Everyday feels more and more like I'm boredom. I dont like that we have to travel an hour and a half to find something actually fun to do. Now its friday, I'm stuck working tomorrow... then probly sunday of laziness. But next weekend, we will head to Plantersville,TX for guess? The BIGGEST Ren Fest in the US!! so take that america!

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