Thursday, November 5, 2009


I always gotta tell everyone shit I LOOOVE at the moment. here's the latest:

Unfortunately or fortunately soon, I hope to have one of these Betsey Johnson bathrobes. Since we got Penny, I get up early and take her out, or late I do, and I've been kickin it in this long, baby pink, fuzzball covered horrible but soft, bathrobe. This would make me feel just so much more special, and a bit less ghetto.

I am soooo behind i know, but I just bought this phone off a my bestie's boyfriend for $50. I couldnt pass it up, I HATE, I mean HATE, my sidekick. it sucks. and i enjoy getting on the web from a phone, which is also somethingI am sadly, still new to.
did anyone ever watch this when they were young? or read it at least? Well, I did. I recently thought of it, I dont know exactly why, but I loved loved loved these movies. I highly recommend them. watch it at least.
last weekend, I was searching for halloween makeup at target, specifically red lipstick, and I came across these. So RAD! the crest toothpaste in them REALLY do make a breath feel fresh, and they literally taste deeeelish! I picked up red riot, its sorta sheer, but fabulous! I had never been one the cheeeeeaper makeup except for covergirl lashblast, but hey, they steppin up their game,ok?

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