Saturday, November 14, 2009

sweet little suprises

Yesterday, Justy was going to Houston a night earlier than me, and of course, I was totally bummed about it. I HATE being home alone in Beaumont. The fact that I dont know anyone here scares me being left alone. I dont have anyone to call for "backup" I guess you could say. But still, its not like I can make him stay around everytime I cant make it outta town the same time as him.

Justy left work early yesterday, and came up to my work to tell me bye and basically suprise me by doing so, since we had a half awake goodbye kiss that morning. Well, he came in, we took a walk on property to shoot the shit and when we came back in my office, he asked if we had bottled water, and of course i went and got him one. We said goodbyes, and he was on his way. When I got back to my desk, there it was:

I love how much I love him. This little technique he uses isnt new....I have several of these cards. they always pop up in random spots he always know I frequently go to. They always have different designs, and they always have something different written on the back. sweet. I'm so lucky.


Allison said...

nice touch, "Justy"!

citymama said...

Love this, Julie. So sweet!